7 Spiritual & Religious Books That Have Changed My Life

Is there anything better then opening the cover of a new book? The anticipation of learning something new, the excitement of starting a new journey. Over the last decade of my spiritual quest I’ve collected and devoured numerous volumes of theology, spirituality, and memoirs. Some resonated with me, others did not. I’ve put together a short list of my very favorites for you. What are some of your favorites?

Life is Yes, And.

How do you fight injustice, how do you struggle with this pain, and still find peace?

Since November 8th, many people I know have become more vocal. We respond to ignorance on social media and we share articles incessantly. We seek out arguments with friends and family, or perhaps worse- we avoid speaking to them all together. We march in protests, sign petitions, and join Facebook groups. If it is fight or flight- we. are. fighting. We are seeking out ways to fight back with everything we have.


10 Things I Learned at Trinity: The Heart of Creation Conference with Richard Rohr

In April I had the opportunity of a life time – I was able to attended Trinity: The Heart of Creation put on by The Center for Action and Contemplation. Some of you may have seen my update on Instagram and Facebook about meeting Richard Rohr (I cried. A lot.). The weekend was incredible- I took over 50 pages of notes and was moved to tears countless times. It was a perfect blend of academic pursuit and spiritual quest. Below is a very short and in-comprehensive list of what resonated with me. I will return to many of these topics in future posts to flesh out the ideas and add in some of my personal thoughts. But for now, treat this as a little preview or an overview of the weekend in no particular order.